Saturday, 6 December 2014

Front room before and after

This afternoon we played Wuthering Heights really loudly on the record player, put up Xmas decorations and lit a fire. It was a pretty magical combination. I took a few snaps (taken while it was dark outside, so a little fuzzy round the edges!) and it made me think of how far this house has come since we've lived here. It's been just over a year since we bought it, and lots has changed.

Looking at these quick photographs of the front room reminded of what it was like the day we moved in. Not great. I managed to dig out a couple of pics I took at the time. The main wall was orange. The worst kind of orange. It was one of the first things we changed, and it took about four coats of brilliant white to get rid of it. then last weekend I fancied a change so we painted it soft grey, to match the rest of the walls in the front room. Only a few shades away from white, but TOTAL transformation, it's so much cosier now. The snaps below make for a little 'before, during, and after', so you can appreciate the horror of the orange that came before. And look out for teeny tiny Arlo in the bottom of the first pic, the day we moved in - only four months old! Does anything feel more homely than white fairy lights? I think not.

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