Sunday, 21 December 2014

Oh Xmas tree

Some pics of our Xmas tree... a tree we very nearly didn't have, seeing as we've had a broken down car for the last few weeks and no way of going to pick one up. But we got one in the end, just one week before Xmas (which may be the perfect amount actually). Arlo had a LOT of initial interest in the baubles, which soon subsided after he realised they don't do much that's fun, and now he is very non-plussed by the tree. Which is fine with me because I am the opposite - I am VERY plussed by it. Pride of place is Arlo's hand-made tree decoration that he made on his last day with his childminder for the year (I suspect he may have had help). First of many homemade decs that will be added each year I hope.

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