Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday I'm in love... with pink

Having a little peruse of my pinterest boards this week I was struck by how many pictures of pink things I had. Really loads. Pink has been my favourite colour since I was about four years old (see my pinterest profile for a visualisation) and it probably always will be - here's a few of my favourite pink things at the moment:

one: the notion that I need an alarm clock is clearly laughable, as Arlo has my morning wake up call covered, but I want this on the bedside table for aesthetic purposes alone.
two: I've been inspired by this post to look for a statement wallpaper for our bedroom and this totally does the job. Lots of pink, lots of colour, floral without being twee, and it's called Blazing Poppies too, which just about tops it off for me.
three: not even really sure what this snack is, but I want it. Even if it's just to look at for a while.
four: I was devs to discover that Topshop have stopped making my favourite shade of pink lipstick this week. This seems like a pretty good alternative.
five: love this watch. I have a little look at it online roughly once a week and it just doesn't get any less perfect. This is probably what prompted the whole pink thing this week because I've been thinking about it probably quite a bit more than would be considered normal.
six: in recent house news, next on the to do list is a new front door. Guess what colour I want to paint it?

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