Sunday, 20 July 2014

Life lately

It's been a busy old week in the Lewis-Wild household, and some lovely things have been happening that I want to stop for a second to remember before life whizzes by and I find myself preparing for another Monday.

Yesterday Arlo got fitted for his first pair of shoes. They are the bright red version of the shoes in my last post (yay to gender-neutral footwear!) and he looks proper grown up in them. The shoes are the latest in a long line of things that are amazing me and making me feel like time is flying by and he's getting more grown up by the minute. Some of the things he's learnt lately are useful and totally brilliant, like going backwards to get off the sofa or go down stairs safely, eating his cereal with a spoon or waving at people when they say goodbye. Other new tricks are less welcome, like knowing how to turn on the radio, set it to white noise, and turn the volume up. Really loud. (This happens daily - new out-of-reach shelving is needed). All in all he's going through some major leaps at the moment and it's really exciting. And obvs we couldn't resist a little father-son shoe shot. Look how small!

Arlo's grandma, aka my mum (must remember I don't need to call her grandma when Arlo isn't listening) has been a bit of a saviour this week. She looked after Arlo when we had to go to the dentist (four fillings between Alex and me, three of which were mine - ouch), took me out for a trip the cinema, and does things like impromptu washing up when she pops round, which is the way to my heart. She'll never read this of course, because she doesn't own a computer, but I am writing this more to remind myself how grateful I am to have her just around the corner. Here's Arlo climbing into her basket the last time she came round, so she couldn't leave (or so that she would take him with her if she did!)

Other things I don't want to forget this week is how bloody amazing the weather has been, and how nice it has been to be here on the island to enjoy it. The week has been filled with trips to the beach, local parks and dunks in the outdoor kiddy pool, and we've enjoyed picnics and walks with friends (both Arlo's and mine!) - basically all the stuff I daydreamed about when I was in London looking for a change.

Oh and this week I also completed my very first crochet granny square. It's two weeks since I wrote this post about starting a crochet project, and about six weeks since I bought the wool in the first place, so at this rate I may have something resembling a blanket by the time I actually am a granny. This first attempt is pretty wonky and probably won't even make the final blanket, but it's a start, and I reckon every other square is going to get a bit easier from now on. So that's one down, only about a hundred left to go...

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