Saturday, 5 July 2014

Things I'm thankful for this week

Sat on the London train on the way to work yesterday I was thinking that it's been a pretty good week - it's not often I get 5 mins to sit and reminisce like that, and it was nice to stop and look back rather than always just being in the moment and focusing on getting things done all the time.

So in the spirit of celebrating the small things, I wanted to make a note of the things I've been thankful for this week - so that I don't forget them too quickly:

  1. Finally teaching Arlo how to give kisses, and being woken up on Friday morning with a big smacker. I opened my eyes to see this squiggly little face peering down at me and my heart melted.
  2. The ferry ticket man telling me I had a "very nice, very creative signature". My kind of compliment.
  3. Listening to one of my all time favourite albums in full with no interruptions.
  4. A night out in London - and making the last ferry home by minutes.
  5. Celebrating with my friend and team mate Hannah on a VERY well deserved promotion
  6. Sweet notes from sweet friends to tell me they're actually reading (and enjoying!) my blog. I frankly feel surprised to hear that anyone reads it at all, so big thanks if you're having a little peek at this right now - don't you look lovely today :)

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