Sunday, 19 October 2014

Discovering puddles

Because I'm in the middle of a couple of a busy work weeks, and Alex was demolishing certain parts of the house all day on Saturday (walls have come down! Before and after pics will follow, I promise), our family weekend this week has boiled down to one day: today. But what a today it's been. The weather has been ace and we drove across the Island to Bembridge, which although only being about half an hour away, is the furthest you can drive on the Island without hitting water, which for the average Islander might as well be the other side of the world. My mum called while we were over there and exclaimed "Bembridge! That's a VERY long way to go for a walk" as if we were on a different continent or something.

Two thing happened in Bembridge: we ventured out along a long thin bridge that lead out to a building on stilts where they keep the local lifeboat, which Arlo LOVED, and then we went for a wander which is when Arlo discovered the joys of puddles.

Wellies went on. Steps started off gingerly at the edge of shallow puddles, dipping in a toe first to literally test the water, but soon enough he was racing through them, wellies full of water, falling over all over the place, mud on hands, mud on face, mud in mouth... it was brilliant for ages and then it really quickly was terrible in a way things quite often are for toddlers. There were tears and a park bench for a quick change of outfit before heading out for lunch at our favourite place. A whole weekend squeezed into one brilliant day.

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