Saturday, 11 April 2015

My favourite corners #3 - Arlo's play kitchen

Alex and I spent a long time, late on Christmas eve, putting this together (because it was very complicated - not in any way because of all the late-night Amarettos we'd enjoyed).  Watching Arlo's little face as he walked into the room to discover this the following morning was just the best. Since then we've spent many a happy while at his little kitchen, putting the kettle on and making soup at the hob. I've also spent a large part of every single day since Christmas picking up all the little plastic versions of vegetables and roast chickens and putting them away. Over and over again. But I guess that's what this parenting stuff is all about, right? All worth it to hear him come over and tug at my hand and say my two favourite words: "Mama? Tea?"

So until Arlo is old enough to make me an actual, real-life cup of tea (the main reason anyone ever has kids, surely) this little spot will remain one of my favourite corners of the house.

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