Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Spring dressing for boys (not babies)

Sometimes clothes-shopping for kids is a chance to have fun and buy many things in bright colours with pictures of dogs' faces on (see here for visual proof). And then there are other times. Like when you all of a sudden find yourself shopping in a whole nother part of the shop that you'd never even glanced at before, because you're shopping for someone who doesn't fit into the 'baby-24months' bracket, and is now considered a BOY because he's in the 2-8 year bracket (bye bye baby). And for some reason it ends up being a bit of a freak-out because you're not quite ready to say bye bye to your little baby actually, and you wish you could go back 18 months and dress him in tiny little pure white babygros so he'd be little for a bit longer.

But then you realise that's never going to happen (and it's a bit weird of you to think it) and so instead you embrace it and use it as chance to buy them something a little more grown up. Just a little mind you - we found robots, stripes and cute little duck prints, but in muted tones rather than primary colours. I picked up the above on a shopping trip to Southampton for me, that ended up being for Arlo. The whole lot is from Baby Gap (or maybe that's technically Gap Kids now?!), except from the shirt which is h&m. (All sale items, obvs). Muted tones with pops of colour, graphic baby chick prints and flashes of yellow. Feels like Spring.

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