Sunday, 31 May 2015

Scrapbooking in May: the very beginning

Ever since I started scrapbooking about a month or so ago, I haven't been able to stop. When I got my first set of scrapbooking supplies, I printed a load of current photos and set about getting them all in order, but since then I've realised that I want to go back and start at the beginning.

So that's what I've done - I've taken all the images from the moment Arlo was born, removed them from the boring albums they were in, and started getting them logged in my new scrapbook folder. I enjoy this format so much more than plain albums because you can fit a lot more photos on one page, which really helps capture an event or moment in time, you can play with photo sizes and crop them down so you have a mixture of big and small shots alongside each other, and of course you can add to the photos with notes, words, pictures, doodles, quotes... anything you like. The finished article really helps capture memories better than a plain album, and the process of doing it is so much fun too.

Each month I'm going to do a round-up of scrapbooking to capture what's been logged that month. It's essentially another chance for me to look back over old pics of Arlo and say things like "How was he ever that small?" for the umpteenth time. So May saw a lot of scrapbooking action, and I took it right back to the start to document those first few months with tiny Arlo - it was a long hot summer and he was the littlest ever. Feels like a very long time ago now - I'm so glad I have this to remember those days (and long nights!) by.

But seriously, how was he ever that small?


  1. Lovely scrap booking poppy. Where do you buy them from, would you what's app or text me and tell me. I'd love to have a go, spotted tom in your album pics,, showed him and his response was , oh great, where was that taken, look at my massive guns. Men eh? So silly. Love Ruth , to and Max.....was allo ever that small. He is lush. X

    1. Ahh Ruthie, I can most definitely fill you in on the scrapbooking game - I am OBSESSED at the moment. Expect a message with more deers very soon! It's so much fun, I love looking back at all the old pics. I love that pic of Tom and Arlo - Arlo's expression is priceless! Hope that little Max is doing well, love you all of you xxx