Friday, 14 August 2015

Out of office

This boy...  some pics of a grey day we recently spent roaming around our local cemetery. It's very pretty and car-free which makes it a good place for Arlo to explore, so I hope that doesn't sound too weird a hang-out spot! Arlo's love of animals has spread into his clothing and he has some real favourites that he always asks to wear, including this tee covered in little jungle animals - wrestling this off at the end of the day for bath time is not fun!

In other news, I just put my out of office on, as we're off on our holidays this weekend. Two whole weeks off work. Two weeks straight of looking at this face. Lucky. Not sure how much blogging that means will be happening around these parts, I'll just be doing whatever feels right. For me, 'whatever feels right' probably includes things like: reading magazines, having brunch, going to the beach and generally just having a bit of a lounge at every opportunity. For Arlo, 'whatever feels right' will most likely be wearing this animal tee shirt for two weeks straight. But each to their own.


  1. A cemetery is such a good idea for a place to take a toddler. It doesn't sound weird at all. I struggle to think of places to take Jasmine where I can let her roam around safely.

    Enjoy your holidays and enjoy doing what feels 'right'. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Ahh, thank you Jenna, glad to hear others feel the same! We're at a really hard in-between stage where he wants to walk around freely but doesn't want to hold hands so I don't really like walking on pavements too much - the cemetery is really close so it's a good solution! xxx