Sunday, 30 August 2015

The view from our holiday

Oh hi there, sorry for the radio silence around here of late, we've been away and getting right into holiday mode for the last two weeks, i.e. not feeling like doing much. I've had a break from work and blogging and clothes washing and setting an alarm and all the usual stuff, and it's been brilliant to break the routine and chill for a while. I don't want to wang on too much about our family holiday and all the things we got up to, but here are a few snaps that I captured along the way - is Wales pretty or what?! We had a few gloriously sunny days, a lot of very rainy days, and a few in-between grey days, but every single one was lovely. Two whole weeks of proper family time, and not even the sun getting his hat out could've made it better.


  1. Beautiful photos, I'm glad you've been enjoying some quality family time. Sounds like bliss!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xxx

    1. Thanks Jenna - it really has been lovely. We needed it after a manic couple of months! Feel recharged now :) xx