Friday, 27 June 2014

Friday I'm in love... with animal prints for little people

I'm a sucker for a sweet animal print, and I found all three of these in one shopping trip to h&m the other day (sadly looking for Arlo rather than myself). The jungle print is actually a little sleeveless vest which I'm not sure is a great look for a one-year-old, but I fell for the print so much I couldn't resist. I love that these are so obviously prints for kids - I'm not a huge fan of kids clothes that look too grown up, like exact copies of what adults wear. There's plenty of time to dress like an adult when you actually are one -  for now we'll be enjoying wearing one of these (admittedly fairly surreal) animal scenes:

a) dayglo parrots, hippos and cacti on a natty vest
b) a handrawn city panda and koala listening to tunes, scootering and playing catch in the park
c) a mouse in a bobble hat riding a cloud unicycle with his circus pals

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