Sunday, 15 June 2014

Things I'm thankful for

This print was one of the first things I bought for our new home - in fact I bought it long before we ever moved in, and kept it in a drawer for months, waiting to be framed and hung in our first very own house. It had been sat on a pinterest board of mine for years before that before I tracked down the seller (check out more of her beautiful work here) and ordered it as a pre-house-warming present - I've always believed in celebrating and finding joy in the little every day things, and as soon as I saw the first thing on the list, I was sold - delicious beverages are basically what make my world go round.

It's hung up right by our front door in the living room - I purposefully wanted to put it up somewhere we'd see it every day as a little reminder of all the things we have to be be thankful for. Amongst other things, things I've been thankful for this week are:
  1. Long baby naps and iced coffees
  2. Cuddles with my brand new nephew Archie on his two-week birthday
  3. Afternoon visits to the cinema with Alex - something that hasn't happened since BB (before baby)
  4. A message from my dear friend (and very talented writer) Sparky that came at just the right time 
  5. The sun beaming over our little back garden all day long 
  6. A surprise visit from a BFF who drove down from London to hang with me and Arlo for a day
  7. Lie-ins. Amen.

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