Thursday, 5 June 2014

The view from my commute


I took this grainy, smudgey photo from the window of my train to work last week - I had a client meeting near Brighton and had to get the little stopping train that goes from Southampton to Brighton, stopping at all the little towns along the way. It took ages but the view more than made up for it - a lot of the way the tracks run parallel to the coastline, following the shore along, and I couldn't help trying to get a few pics on my phone as we went. This was the best of a bad bunch! 

When I agreed to come back to work after having Arlo (and moving so far away from London), I was sceptical about whether I could make the commute work - granted, I only need to be in London about once a week, but the journey up is a walk-boat-bus-train-cab travel combo that can seem a bit daunting when you set off! It has actually tuned out to be one of my favourite parts of the week, as it usually involves enjoying a coffee while it's still hot (a rarity these days), and listening to music, which is something I've missed so much since becoming a mum. It's easy to forget how brilliant it feels to put on headphones and play whatever you want, as loudly as you like. It's definitely something I took for granted when I lived in London and had two hours of commuting every day.

Two of my favourite songs to listen to really loudly at the moment are this and this. They got me doing a little head-nodding dance in my seat and everything. 

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