Friday, 20 June 2014

Friday I'm in love

Source: Pinterest

I'm always in love with Pinterest, but this week I am particularly in love with this amazing Swedish penthouse flat that I found and can't stop looking at. We've only been in our house for around 6 months, and we have a very long list of things we want to change. This apartment ticks many boxes of either DIY I want to take on, or decor I adore. Let me count the ways:

  • The white floorboards - I love this look, and after the blood sweat and tears (all Alex's) spent sanding the floors in our bedroom when we moved in, it feels like a much easier option for the floorboards when we finally rip up the carpet in our spare room - hoping to do that very soon at some point in the next ten years.
  • In fact, the white everything - this is just how I like my walls, white everywhere. It makes everything else in the room stand out, gives light and makes touch-ups very very easy. Apart from a wall in the kitchen that I was compelled to paint pink as soon as we moved in, I think every other wall in the house is white.
  • That sofa - it's the perfect pink. 
  • And the yellow chair! It's just the right combination of mustard and wood and comfy and low.
  • The bedroom wallpaper - it's ace and perfect just on one wall against all the white. Another thing I want to do that's on the house DIY mega-list 
  • All the windows everywhere letting in so much natural light! 
  • The roof terrace. It's potentially the least-baby-friendly outdoor space that could ever exist, and I'm pretty sure that if I actually went up there I'd go a bit scared and have a sudden urge to throw something off the top, but it's a really lovely and peaceful spot

So in conclusion, this is pretty much my dream house. Of course, it's neat and tidy, got lots of sharp edges and has a roof baby death trap, so it's the least-appropriate house for our little family at the moment, but I think that's why I like it so much - because it's a bit out of reach. If you like what you see too, then check out my home board on Pinterest, because I've amassed quite a collection of pins on a variation on the white-walls-and-colourful-everything-else theme.


  1. That's my dining table. Chairs too but mine aren't white. I wanted the grey chairs but they'd also sold out so was stuck with white table and beech chairs. I love white everything too (you may have noticed?)! Lol

  2. I never noticed that was the same table and chairs as yours - they're lovely. White is possibly not the most baby-friendly colour but it always looks so good! Thanks for reading :)