Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday I'm in love... with new stationery

Bit of a picture-heavy post today, but I just couldn't stop taking pics of my new favourite thing. I got a delivery of new stationery in the post this week, which is the best kind of parcel. I bought a new diary from my favourite stationery shop online, The Magic Notebook. They have the best designs. My plan for this diary is to use it to keep track of blog posts and ideas - I haven't quite mastered a way of scheduling and planning ahead for my blog posts yet, and sometimes a beautiful new notebook is the answer. In this case it definitely is. The beauty of most of the journals from the Magic Notebook is that they don't have printed dates - you add that in yourself - so you can start a diary off from any point. I love the illustrations and little messages dotted all the way through - I'm off to start doodling in this right now.

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