Friday, 8 August 2014

Friday I'm in love... with storage

So this is meant to be an 'after' photo, but the 'before' view was so horrendous that I couldn't bring myself to actually take a photo of it. Picture the scene: open shelves with clothes everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. For the first six months or so after Arlo was born, I had a fairly small capsule wardrobe of feeding-friendly clothes - so basically tops that could layer or unbutton to feed Arlo from, usually with baby sick on most of the time. Not my best look, I'll be honest. But then, after Arlo started to eat bananas and various other squishy foods, and the need to feed him all the time subsided, I was able to rediscover my old wardrobe. Not just clothes I hadn't worn for 6 months, but clothes I hadn't been able to fit into while I was pregnant, so things I hadn't seen for over a year. Mostly dresses. Many dresses. It was very exciting.

But while my wardrobe got bigger, my storage didn't, and I basically ended up with clothes everywhere. Not a pretty sight, nor a very relaxing bedroom environment to be in. So I was really excited to order (but less so to assemble) this massive chest of drawers this week. It's the width of two normal chests of drawers, and the drawers themselves are really deep and roomy so it's basically big enough to hide all my mess out of sight... heaven.

If you love storage too, I've been collecting pictures of perfect storage over here for ages - including this lovely colour-coordinated collection in the perfect storage display which I'm currently a bit mad about:

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