Saturday, 1 November 2014

One year, six months

It's the first of November today, which is significant for a few reasons - it's officially Xmas NEXT MONTH (eee!), I don't have to set eyes on another pumpkin for another 12 months (phew), and it's also exactly one year since I went back to work after having Arlo. What started out as a six-month maternity leave has turned into much more than I ever thought - being a working mum has made me so happy, and that in turn makes for a happy Arlo, and happy Alex too. A year ago today I was a sleep-deprived, seriously forgetful new mum who was a worried she'd forgotten how to do a full day's work, and now... well, the first two haven't changed much but I definitely didn't forget.

But that's not the only mini anniversary happening today - the 1st Nov also marks exactly six months since I started this little blog, with this here Very First Post. Just look at little mini Arlo! The pic above I took today - what a difference six month makes. It's really nice to look back at the pictures from this day back in May, when we were all excited for the start of summer, and think that it might have been forgotten about if I hadn't made a little post about it here. This blog has helped me capture lots of lovely moments over the last six months, and along the way I've had some really nice notes from people who actually read and and say nice things about it, which is a total bonus and always makes me smile, so fanks pals :)

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