Sunday, 30 November 2014

Things I'm thankful for - an honorary Thanksgiving list

So it was Thanksgiving this week, and although that's not something I celebrate, I love the sentiment. So instead of letting life rush by, I wanted to take a moment to be thankful for all kinds of good good things that I want to remember this week:

  • Hair. specifically Arlo's. Because he has grown his first little curl! It's right on the top of his head, and I know it to be very cute. After a year and a half of being a baldy, he's looking so grown up all of a sudden. (Exhibit A: this picture above that captures said curl. Bookshelf arrangement needs some work).
  • Sofas. New pink ones. After going on and on about new sofas (and specifically pink ones) for ages, we finally plumped for one. I never thought a new sofa could rock my world as much as this one has, but for the first time we can all three of us fit comfortably onto one sofa, which makes for for some very nice cuddle scenarios. Last Sunday we had a sofa marathon that included Wallace and Gromit, cheese on toast and comic reading, and it was the BEST. (Exhibit B: arm of said sofa peaking out in picture above).
  • The promise of the Xmas break. And not just for all the daytime boozing and pyjama wearing, but also for two weeks of all three of us off work and hanging out together, doing all kinds of family pursuits (i.e. daytime boozing and pyjama wearing). 
  • New music. Got this this week and we can't stop playing it. All kinds of nice play-while-you're-cooking type sounds.
  • Santa Claus. I had a realisation this week as I bought bits and bobs for Arlo's stocking: this year, I AM FATHER CHRISTMAS. It's our job to do the stocking thing now, and it's not a responsibility I'm taking lightly. I expect practice stocking 'stuffs' will need to be done to get the present order vs. lump ratio just right, because that stuff's important!
  • Lights. Seeing them pop up day by day in front gardens and rooftops as we get closer and closer to Xmas. God I love fairy lights. I love that they're decorations you put up for everyone else to enjoy, rather than yourself. Gives me the warm and fuzzies to see them twinkling away.

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