Saturday, 15 November 2014

The sound of silence

I am sitting in a quiet house, being quiet. I would call it a silent house, but I can hear the sound of the rain tap tapping on the window outside, which is an even better sound than the sound of silence if you ask me. This is a pretty rare occurrence, due to Alex going out for the evening, and Arlo sleeping soundly upstairs. Usually I'm one for noise - radio on in the background all day long, TV on to fall asleep to, favourite albums on repeat when I'm working from home - but this evening I'm just really savouring the quiet. It's unusual. It's calm. It's really nice actually.

The pic above I took today, and captures another calm moment - watching Arlo and Alex feed the ducks / watching Alex try to stop Arlo falling into the duck pond. We're having a quiet family weekend so far - the most fast-paced part of our day today was building a den in the kitchen out of chairs and sheets and I plan on doing nothing more vigorous than that tomorrow either. Quiet weekends are the best.

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