Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday I'm love... with a wish list for Santa

By the way, it's nearly Christmas, in case you weren't aware? I usually get quite over-excited about the festive season anyway, but as this year will be Arlo's first where he *might* be able to get a bit excited about it too, I just can't wait. I've been looking for inspiration online this week to decide what to get him, and may have just bought one of the above things for him to find on Christmas morning. But I'm not going to say which, JUST in case he learns to read in the next five weeks...

one: I've been meaning to get Arlo a height chart for ages because he just seems to get taller and taller, and this one is really lovely

two: this is something Arlo needs probably more than wants, but the boy still doesn't have much hair and it's getting cold out there! These guys make the most amazing range of hats (and other knitwear) that I've just spent a good while pouring over. They're a) based in the US and b) pretty pricey as hats go, so it's fairly unlikely that Arlo will be discovering one of these under the tree, but really bloody gorgeous all the same

three: so sweet, and Arlo hasn't ever had a rocker before so I'm intrigued to see if he likes it

four: I love this Brio train set for incorporating so many of the things Arlo loves to do - stacking, pushing along little cars and trains, building with blocks

five: given the amount of time Arlo spends in our kitchen cupboards, taking things out and putting them back in again, I figure a little kitchen of his own would be a big hit

six: these bright blocks come in more unusual shapes than most, and are fair trade too so what's not to love?

seven: this is on the list for no other reason than it looks mega fun!

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