Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Something quite exciting has been happening round ours for the last few weeks. I've barely wanted to tell anyone or even say it out loud in case it stops being true and goes away forever but, for the last little while (whispers) Arlo has been sleeping through the night. After more than 18 months of really quite a lot of getting up in the night actually, it really does feel like such a treat to be able to get some sleep.

I really don't know what's normal when it comes to sleeping patterns. In fact I can't believe I just said that because if I've learnt one thing about parenting its that there is no normal - so please ignore that ridiculous last thing I said. I know babies older than Arlo that still wake many times though the night, and others that have slept through almost from birth too.

All I do know is that being a parent has made me so insanely grateful for sleep, and for the chance to be in bed. In bed is my favourite way to be. Arlo hasn't always been the best sleeper, and I have no idea how long this new sleeping phase may last, but I shall be making the most of every last bed-bound moment this new phase brings.

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