Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Walking this weekend: Yarmouth Pier

A few snaps taken during this weekend's walk. A windy, grey walk. There was such a nip in the air that Arlo, usually desperate to get out and have a run around, stayed steadfastly wrapped up in his cosy toes and barely ventured a little finger out for the duration. We walked along the coast, looked at the boats, and took a trip down Yarmouth Pier, the longest wooden pier in the country (so the information plaque told us anyway). It's had several rounds of restoration along the way, and most of the planks are marked with the names of locals and businesses to show that they've chipped in along the way. We paid special attention to the plank bought by my dad many moons ago which now just says 'MILO   W  ', which I like to think is a little bit of local history for Arlo to see. Not that he dared brave the wind and poke his nose out of his buggy far enough to see it. But we'll make this a regular pilgrimage for sure.

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