Wednesday, 25 March 2015


We spent an impromptu morning at the park this Saturday, where Arlo spent most of the time going backwards and forwards inside this green hexagon. We followed his hexagon adventures with a visit to the library. I have to say, the library was AMAZING and I can't believe we've never been - it's not our local one which we've visited a few times, it's the 'main' one I suppose, probably the biggest on The Island. It was brilliant to have a gazillion new books to choose from, as well as some massive bean bags to snuggle into and make a little reading nest together. It still amazes me how happy Arlo is to sit on my lap and read books together. He never seems to tire of it. We spent a good 20 minutes quietly reading together and his concentration didn't waver - it's something we've done since he was really little so it's probably a comforting place to be for him.

Other things he loved about the library: playing hide and seek behind the rows of books, sitting at the little child-sized table and chair to do some crayoning, discovering Sticklebricks for the first time. We will be going back soon for more of all the above for sure.

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