Sunday, 8 March 2015

Who run the world?

So it's International Women's Day today, and in the spirit of celebrating it, here's a little collection of some of my favourite things by some of my favourite women, that I've been looking at this week:

  • I love this illustration, above - taken from the brilliant series on the subject here
  • I get to meet my lady-hero Caitlin Moran tomorrow for work, which will make it a Very Good Day At Work indeed. If you haven't read How To Be A Woman, then what are you waiting for? Every woman human should. 
  • I worked with Plan UK on a big media campaign a few years back and they remain one of my favourite charities. Looking back it was one of my madder/ more stressful periods of work, but one that taught me a lot and was rewarding in a way my job usually isn't because I could see the results directly in the brilliant stuff they do. The work they do to empower girls in developing countries is so so needed. 
  • And while we're on the subject, this video from The Girl Effect is so eloquent and simple and powerful. Never fails to bring a tear.
  • Lucy Mangan is very clever and very funny, and this piece she wrote about international Woman's Day this week is just so spot on it hurts.

Right, must dash - I need a good nights sleep for Important Day At Work tomorrow. Will probs be listening to this and this on repeat the whole way there.

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