Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Scrapbooking in June - finding a theme

Firstly, I'm aware it's July already (already? How the F did that happen? I don't think I'm ready thanks) and I fully intended to do a little update on June scrapbooking while it still actually WAS June, but things have been a bit blimmin' busy round here. But I wanted to do one anyway, because it's nice to look back over it from time to time.

So this month I've been finding that I'm going a bit more 'matchy matchy' with my scrapbooking pages. When I started out I didn't really worry too much about themes or colours or matching anything, I just wanted to get started and try out lots of things, and I loved what I've done so far, but I've been finding this month that where I have fairly 'clean' page layouts with four big photos from the same time or event, and a strip of empty 6x4 spaces down the centre, I've been sticking to a theme for them all, just like the examples above. It's lead to some of my most favourite scrapbooking pages ever, and is super satisfying because it means you get a whole page done really quickly.

The above were made mostly using supplies from my Messy Box subscription, which I am loving every single month, plus a smattering of stickers that I picked up during this shopping trip.

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